October monthly meeting - online

Date: Thursday, October 8, and will start at 12:30 pm.

Topic: Conserving Water with Reclaimed Water Flushometers

Speaker: Mary Phelps / Sloan

The unusual day and start time is due to scheduling conflicts and there are some changes from previous meetings so please read below. IMPORTANT – you need to register for the meeting so do that now. After registering it will give you an option to save the calendar event. The calendar event will have everything you need to join the meeting.:

  • Link to share with attendees to register for the meeting: https://education.aspe.org/products/houston-chapter-meeting-conserving-water-with-reclaimed-water-flushometers-oct-2020
    • Please note: the price is free. If you need to charge non-members you will invoice them separately.
    • Please share this link with them if they are having trouble logging in for for nonmembers who need to create an account: https://education.aspe.org/moreinfo
    • The time shown on the information page is in Central Time due to my admin settings when I set this up. When you login and if you're in a different time zone it will adjust.
  • New since Sept 2020: Chapter meetings are held via Zoom Meetings so all attendees can mute/unmute themselves but the chapter officers can override this and mute attendees.
  • NEW SINCE SEPT 2020: Since meetings are held via Zoom Meetings the speaker does not receive separate panelist links; the speaker will register for the event and be able to share their screen upon entry. No other permissions are needed.Mary Phelps please understand this.
  • Attendees are required to complete a program evaluation in order to earn CEUs and I have pre-populate this for you already.

Once the event is over and each attendee completes the survey link then CEUs will automatically appear in their dashboard.


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