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February 29, 2020
8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
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Certified in Plumbing Design (CPD) Review Course

This course is brought to you as a service of ASPE Texas
the federation of local ASPE Chapters across the Great State of Texas.  


  • $200 PER PERSON for Review Class. (Cost is FREE for active Houston Chapter Members only)
  • Credit card preferred
  • If you will be using a check to pay for you and/or others, use the BYPASS PAYMENT option above the credit card entry and make check payable to "ASPE - HOUSTON CHAPTER". Mailing/delivery instructions will be sent to you once registered.

Class Schedule:

  • Classroom Instruction:   Sat.  February 29th, 8 am – 3 pm:        
  • Classroom Instruction:   Sun. March 1st, 8 am – 2 pm:              
  • Mock Exam & Review:    Sat.  March 21st, 8 am – 1:30 pm: 


Students have the option of attending class in Houston at the offices of Page, space permitting, or online via WebEx webinar (details for joining the webinar will be made available to students in the days before the course begins).

Your local chapter may also be hosting a group WebEx viewing, check with local chapter leadership. The cost of the course is PER PERSON. Violation of this policy will not be tolerated.


A. Introduction

  1. About review class
  2. Review Manual
  3. What to study/other study material
  4. 5 examination areas

B. Gathering Information/Administration

  1. Site utility plan information
  2. Information from water department
  3. Obtaining information about project
  4. Estimating


  1. Flow in drainage systems
  2. Manning formula
  3. Example problems
  4. Velocity requirements
  5. Interior drainage systems
  • Definitions
  • Terminal length and velocity
  • Example problems
  • Waste connections
  • Waste pipe installation
  • Cleanout requirements
  • Waste and stack sizing
  • Testing
  1. Vent systems
  • Air characteristics
  • Static head and PSI conversion
  • Vent design
  • Alternate venting methods
  1. Sumps and ejectors
  • Design
  • Example problems
  1. Storm water systems
  • Design
  • Example problems



  1. Site drainage
  • Design
  • Example problems

.  Domestic water systems

  • Types of water flow
  • Reynolds number
  • Velocity requirements
  • Types of energy
  • Friction head loss
  • Hydraulic shock
  • Methods of peak demand
  • Pressure requirements
  • Valve types
  1. Domestic hot water systems
  • Design objectives
  • Types of water heaters
  • Example problems
  • Hot water mixing
  1. Backflow Prevention
  • Types of backflow prevention
  • Effectiveness of backflow prevention devices
  1. Pumps
  • Types of pressures
  • Example problems
  1. Expansion and contraction
  • Types of expansion
  • Formula and example problem
  1. Fire protection
  • Examples of authority having jurisdiction (AHJ)
  • Types of sprinkler systems
  • Types of flow alarms
  1. Fuel gas systems
  • Types of liquefied petroleum
  • Pressure types
  • Design
  1. Specifications
  • 3 parts of specification
  1. Construction services
  • Individual relationships
  1. Administration
  • Budgeting


Course Material:

  • CPD Review Manual 
    The 2017 version of the CPD Review Manual has been completely reviewed and updated with design details on the following plumbing systems to help you prepare for the CPD Exam:
    • Interior and site drainage'
    • Stormwater drainage
    • Domestic hot and cold water
    • Vents
    • Pumps
    • Backflow prevention
    • Fire protection
    • Fuel gas
    • Thermal expansion and contraction
    • Medical gases 
  • CPD Review Manual is available via this link at

  • Practice Exam: features explanations of why answers are correct or incorrect and includes tips on taking the CPD Exam.

  • Calculator:
    • This class will be utilizing the Ti-30X IIS calculator (Inexpensive at Walmart, or Amazon). If using a different device, it is your responsibility to understand its functionality to properly execute formulas and calculations. 

  • Instructor's Notes
    • A PDF file with pertinent notes, calculations and diagrams will be distributed to registrants prior to course start.
  • Please NOTE: This class is intended as a supplemental study resource for the CPD exam.  Registrants should also utilize resources listed in the CPD Bulletin of Information to prepare for the actual exam. 


Donald Taylor, CPD, GPD
Senior Plumbing Designer

Donald Taylor grew up in Purvis, Mississippi. He earned his bachelor’s of Science degree in Architectural Engineering Technology at the University of Southern Mississippi and began his career as a plumbing designer in Houston straight out of college.  Initially designing different types of local commercial projects, two years later  he advanced to the level of senior plumbing designer at one of the largest architectural/engineering firms in the world, where he gained experience working on international projects as well as learning to meet unusual criteria by a variety of clientele. 

After nine years in Houston, Don decided to move to Norman, OK for a slower pace of life and to start a family.  While there, he was  a member of the Dallas-Ft. Worth chapter and together they helped start  the ASPE Oklahoma City satellite  chapter, where Donald served as interim president for two years.  Five years later, Don is back in Houston with his wife Jean and  daughter  Savannah.

Donald became a full member of ASPE in 2004 and has served as a business meeting delegate at the 2004, 2010, 2012, and 2014 National Conventions.  He is currently serving on the Houston Chapter Board of Directors  as VP tech and has served as both Chairman and Co-chairman of the ASPE Houston Product Show.  After earning his  Certified in Plumbing Design designation, in a joint effort with a co-worker he began helping others prepare for the CPD exam.  Since 2006, Donald has regularly been  proctoring CPD review classes for the Houston and DFW ASPE Chapters.   


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